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Missing Addresses Menu Item in WooCommmerce

As of WooCommerce 7.4.0, we’ve seen that there’s a problem with the Addresses tab in the WooCommerce My Account area when the site is using British English translations.

We’ve done some investigating and it’s because of a missing/blank translation in the core WooCommerce file, “woocommerce-en_GB.po”.

Missing Addresses menu item in WooCommerce
Missing “Addresses” menu item

The following code snippet will fix the problem, and also catch any future empty/missing translations for My Account menu items.

Place the following code into your custom child theme’s functions.php, or you can use a code snippets plugin if you prefer.

 * Fix missing WooCommerce My Account menu item translation(s).
 * Original post:
function pp_fix_account_menu_item_translations($items, $endpoints) {
	$fixed_items = array();

	$original_items = array(
		'dashboard' => 'Dashboard',
		'orders' => 'Orders',
		'downloads' => 'Downloads',
		'edit-address' => 'Addresses',
		'payment-methods' => 'Payment methods',
		'edit-account' => 'Account details',
		'customer-logout' => 'Logout',

	foreach ($items as $slug => $label) {
		if (empty($slug)) {
			// This shouuld never happen.
		} elseif (!empty($label) || !array_key_exists($slug, $original_items)) {
			// Pass through the current value.
			$fixed_items[$slug] = $label;
		} else {
			// Replace the empty label with the stock label.
			$fixed_items[$slug] = $original_items[$slug];

	return $fixed_items;
add_filter('woocommerce_account_menu_items', 'pp_fix_account_menu_item_translations', PHP_INT_MAX, 2);

Save that, go back to your My Account area and you should see the “Addresses” menu item has been set back to the stock label, “Addresses” 👍

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