UK Gift Aid for WooCommerce

Add a UK Gift Aid consent checkbox to the WooCommerce checkout. Enable site-wide or for specific products.

Licences for this plugin need to be renewed annually.

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About UK Gift Aid for WooCommerce

Add a Gift Aid checkbox to your WooCommerce store’s checkout page. This is specifically for UK Gift Aid, which is a tax relief scheme for UK charitable organisations, but the plugin can be customised for any tax relief programme.

  • Add a configurable customer consent box to your WooCommerce checkout.
  • Built-n support for accepting donations at the checkout.
  • Enable the box for all purchases, or make it only available when selected eligible products are in the basket.
  • Remember custom consent for future/repeat donations.
  • Export Gift Aid consents for your orders to a CSV file, for accounting purposes.
  • Fully customisable without writing any code.
  • Can also be customised by developers, if you want to do something more specific.
UK Gift Aid checkout consent
Gift Aid declaration
Accept donations at the checkout
Checkout Gift Aid & donations

Using Gift Aid for WooCommerce

Install and active the plugin, then go to Settings > UK Gift Aid to go over the options. Tick the box to enable Gift Aid at the checkout.

The plugin can work in either of two modes

  1. Always show the Gift Aid option at the checkout, regardless of what’s in the basket.
  2. Only show the Gift Aid box at the checkout if certain qualifying products are in the basket.

Qualifying Gift Aid Products

If you enable the option to only enable Gift Aid for specific products, you’ll see a new option when you edit products in your store.

For variable products, this option is only available at the variable-product level… not for individual variations.

Per-product Gift Aid option
Qualify products for Gift Aid

At the checkout, the Gift Aid consent box will only be visible if one or more items in the basket qualify for gift aid.

Completed Orders

When orders have been captured (i.e. the customer has completed their purchase), the Gift Aid status is listed in the WooCommerce > Orders page in the back-end of your website.

Capture UK Gift Aid consent
Capture UK Gift Aid consent

Take Donations at the Checkout

To accept donations directly at the checkout, you need a product to act as your “donation product”. The product’s price (in the cart) will be changed dynamically, depending on what the customer has pledged.

Configuring Donations

In Settings > UK Gift Aid, enable the setting to accept donations.

Click the “Auto-create a donations product” button to get started This will create a new product with a cost of zero, and hidden from your catalogue so it won’t affect the shop’s layout. It will also enable Gift Aid eligibility for the new product.

At the checkout, you can either accept preconfigured amounts, custom amounts, or both.

Custom Template

If you want to do something more advanced with the checkout donations box, you can create your own PHP template.

In the plugin’s folder, go into public-templates/checkout and copy the “accept-donation.php” file into woocommerce/checkout within your WordPress child theme.

Donation checkout box
Donation options at the checkout
Configuring checkout donations
Settings for accepting donations

Export CSV Data

To export your your customers’ Gift Aid Declaration/Consent as a CSV file:

When logged-in to your site as either an Administrator or Shop Manager, go to WooCommerce > Orders. Then click the “Gift Aid Data…” button in the toolbar

Export Gift Aid Consent as CSV Data
Export Gift Aid data…
Options when exporting Gift Aid Consent data
Export data options

Data Export Notes

  • The dates relate to when an order was created, not necessarily when it was paid.
  • Only orders that have a status of “Processing” or “Completed” are included in the export.
  • Each record in the export represents an order line item. So, if an order has three items that are eligible for gift aid, and the user has given their consent, that system will put three records into the export file – one for each item.


Woo Donations

If you prefer to use the Woo Donations plugin to capture donations (rather than use the built-in checkout donations functionality), it’s easy to set up.

Configure Woo Donations

Install and enable the “Woo Donations” plugin and our “UK Gift Aid for WooCommerce” plugin.

> Donation, enable donations on the checkout page.

Capture donations at the checkout

This will place the donation box on the checkout, but the panel is inserted before the billing details. Don’t worry – we’ll can change that shortly.

Configure UK Gift Aid for WooCommerce

In Settings > UK Gift Aid, make sure the plugin is enabled on the checkout, and that it’s only enabled for specific products

Recommended settings for the Gift Aid plugin
Recommended settings for Gift Aid at the checkout

Then, enable the option to group the donations panel with the Gift Aid consent panel.

Woo Donations integration
Group the donation panel with the Gift Aid panel

Save those settings, then go to Products and find the Donation product that was automatically created by Woo Donations.

Donation product in WooCommerce
The Woo Donations product

Edit the product and enable its eligibility for Gift Aid.

Enable Gift Aid eligibillity at product-level
Enable Gift Aid at product-level

You might also want to make the site Hidden in the shop’s catalogue, because it will always be available at the checkout.

That’s it. To test… go to your site’s shop and add something to your basket. Go to the checkout and you should see the Donations box. Add a donation and the Gift Aid panel consent panel will appear when the checkout page reloads.

Customising the Plugin

To use these examples, paste the snippet(s) into your theme’s functions.php file.

Pre-Select the Consent Check Box for Existing Customers

Information If you use this snippet, be absolutely sure that you are respecting your customers’ actual consent.

 * Pre-select the checkbox for all existing customers.
function custom_does_this_user_prefer_gift_aid($is_preferred) {
	if (!empty($user = wp_get_current_user())) {
		$is_preferred |= in_array('customer', (array) $user->roles);

	return $is_preferred;
add_filter('does_this_user_prefer_gift_aid', 'custom_does_this_user_prefer_gift_aid', 10, 1);

Pre-Select the Consent Check Box for Everyone

Information If you use this snippet, be absolutely sure that you are respecting your customers’ actual consent.

 * Pre-select the checkbox for all customers.
add_filter('does_this_user_prefer_gift_aid', '__return_true');

Personalise the Consent Message

If the user is logged-in, inject their name into the consent message to make it more personal.

 * Personalise the Gift Aid consent message.
function custom_gift_aid_consent($message) {
	if (!empty($user = wp_get_current_user())) {
		$message = sprintf(
			'I, <strong>%s</strong>, am a UK tax payer, and I wish Example Charity to reclaim tax on this donation.',

	return $message;
add_filter('gift_aid_consent', 'custom_gift_aid_consent', 10, 1);

Action & Filter Hooks

filter : bool
$is_preferredDoes the current user prefer to have the Gift Aid checkbox pre-selected at the checkout (e.g. from a previous purchase).
filter : bool
$is_applicableThis is true if one or more products in the cart qualify for Gift Aid, or if the plugin is configured to always show the option at the checkout. This filter lets you apply custom logic to determine whether or not to show the option at the checkout.
filter : string
$messageOverride the standard short message in the checkout box.
filter : string
$messageOverride the standard “more info” message in the checkout box.
filter : string
$messageOverride the actual consent message that’s adjacent to the check box.
filter : int
$pill_countThe number of checkout donation options/pills. Default value is three.
Customise the Gift Aid checkout consent box

Changelog: UK Gift Aid for WooCommerce

Version 1.3.0

Released: 2022-08-21

New built-in feature to accept donations directly in the checkout. Choose from preconfigured donation amounts, or let your customers set their own amount.

Version 1.2.0

Released: 2022-08-18

If the Woo Donations plugin is detected, there's a new option that lets you move the checkout page Donations box so it's adjacent to the Gift Aid Declaration box.

Version 1.1.0

Released: 2022-08-11

New feature : Export your Gift Aid declaration/consent for your orders. Export all, or export by date range. Accessible from the WooCommerces | Orders admin page.

Older releases

Minor update to support the new power-plugins update library and core assets.

Minor bug fix when recalling customers' previously selected gift aid choice.

Fixed an issue where some products weren't correctly saving the per-product "enable Gift Aid option" properly.

Fixed broken link to the power-plugins update server for automatic updates.

Initial public release.

Initial pre-release.

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  1. james bryan

    james bryan

    A wonderful plugin that plays nicely with all the other plugins I had to install to achieve what I needed for my site. The donation feature at checkout is a real bonus that I wasn’t expecting and it works seemlessly and intuitively. Thank you 🙂

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