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How to install XAMPP on Ubuntu
How to install XAMPP on Apple Mac
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Use WooCommerce to accept donations

Use WooCommerce to Capture Donations for a Charity

Learn how to configure WordPress & WooCommerce to help your charity’s website. From setting up a product, through to capturing donations at the checkout.

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Fix WooCommerce Legacy REST API access detected

WooCommerce Legacy REST API access detected. How to identify and fix.

Prepare yourselves for a significant update as WooCommerce gears up for version 9.0, scheduled for release in June 2024. A noteworthy adjustment is on the horizon: the removal of the Legacy REST API, which has been deprecated since 2016.

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WordPress features & guides

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Rather than overloading each plugin with stuff you’ll never need, we like to keep things simple.

Perfection isn’t reached when there’s nothing else to add…
Perfection is achieved when there’s nothing more to take away.

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WooCommerce cart to quote plugin

What people are saying

  • Was looking for a HPOS compatible radio buttons plugin after trying a few others… this is! Does everything I want and some more. Thanks for building it.

  • This plugin is excellent, simple to set up and use. The support is second to none, I asked for a change and it was completed within a short time. Highly recommended!!

  • I have contacted the Power Plugins support through their website, and I can tell it’s the very best and fastest support I have received since I have started my online business.