Our Story – Where we came from

Sometimes good ideas are born from a moment of inspiration, other times they’re born out of a need to improve things.

Power Plugins was formed because a software engineer and a website designer from the UK were fed up with using expensive plugins that offered great potential but more often than not, slowed their WordPress websites down.

The solution? Build plugins that focussed on doing one thing and doing it well. No bloated code. Fewer database calls. Minimal database lookups. No nagware in the admin area. Just simple, no-nonsense WordPress plugins that do their job well and keep websites running fast.

Paul Faulkner and Elliot Cooke met in 2020, and with almost 50 years of design and development experience between them, quickly collaborated to create smart WordPress plugin solutions. These plugins were either specifically developed to improve upon already commercially available plugins, or were bespoke requests from customers.

Fast forward to today and Power Plugins now offers these plugin solutions to you too. Unlike other plugins, Power Plugins are purely aimed at web developers and web designers. Why? Because using them requires a little knowledge of PHP, CSS and the WordPress environment. However, as all of the plugins are fully documented, even a newbie would still be able to install and run them.

Our Mission

We understand that as web developers and designers, your customers will only be demanding increasing levels of functionality from the websites you build.

As this demand for functionality increases, more and more server resources will be consumed too. This will slow your websites down, reduce the user experience, and affect the SERP (search engine results page).

Our mission is to always provide WordPress plugins that follow the UNIX philosophy documented by Doug McIlroy, ‘Write programs that do one thing and do it well’, and ‘Write programs to work together’.

Following these principles, we will always develop plugins that are as lightweight and focussed as they can possibly be.