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Multisite Price and Stock Sync for WooCommerce

Synchronise price and stock data across multiple WooCommerce stores.

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About Price and Stock Sync for WooCommerce

Create a Hub and Satellite WooCommerce stores, and synchronise stock & price data between them.

Mutlistore Stock, Price, and Sales Sync for Woocommerce

Features include:

  • A great alternative to installing everything on a single, big multilingual site lots of geographic conditional logic… Create smaller country-specific translated sites instead.
  • Emails from the satellite sites to your customers are sent in the language of the satellite site.
  • Satellite sites can be in data centres that are physically close to your customers.
  • Integrates with Aelia currency switcher, so the satellite sties can choose which currency to pull down.
  • All sync operations are performed via product/variation SKU.

Set up your Hub Store

In the admin area of your main/central/hub WooCommerce site, go to Settings > Store Sync, and check the “Central hub” option. You need to create an API key for each of your satellite stores, so then can communicate with your hub store. Press the “Create API Key” button to create your first Satellite Store API key. If you have more than one satellite store, you can edit the keys to give them meaningful names.

Create API keys for your WooCommerce satellite stores
API keys for your satellite stores

Set up your Satellite Stores

In the admin area of your satellite store, paste your hub store’s API URL and then add the API key for this store.

Settings to connect a satellite WooCommerce store
Connect to your central WooCommerce store

Test the settings to make sure everything works properly, then save your settings.

Sync Options

When a satellite store synchronises with the hub store, it looks for products that the same SKU as on the satellite site.

Product prices will only be pulled into the satellite site if the currency in the hub site matches the currency in the satellite site. If the hub site is using the Aelia Currency Switcher, the satellite store can try to match its currency with the equivalent supported currency on the hub store (in Aelia).

WooCommerce multisite store sync options
WooCommerce store sync options

Changelog: Price and Stock Sync for WooCommerce

Version 1.0.0

Released: 2022-10-16

  • Added a new option to the satellite stores so you can change the sync-to-hub interval.
  • Removed some old diagnostics code and bumped the version to 1.0.0

Version 0.0.11

Released: 2022-07-13

Removed some diagnostic logging to keep the logs a bit cleaner.

Version 0.0.10

Released: 2022-06-12

Bug fix: When pulling stock levels in the client/satellite.

Older releases

Price sync with multi-currency on the host looks good. Added batch-pull for more efficient sync.

More testing and tweaks, prior to the initial release.

  • Pull prices from the hub in the satellite site's currency, by passing Aelia Currency Switcher headers.
  • Added options to enable/disable various push-pull sync options.
  • First version where we can push stock updates from satellite sites back to the hub.
  • Errors during the stock-adjust push-to-hub are stored in the satellite sites at order-level.
  • Updated the admin controls library.
  • Initial draft release.


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Price and Stock Sync for WooCommerce plugin
Multisite Price and Stock Sync for WooCommerce
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