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Use WooCommerce to accept donations

Use WooCommerce to Capture Donations for a Charity

Learn how to configure WordPress & WooCommerce to help your charity’s website. From setting up a product, through to capturing donations at the checkout.

Fix WooCommerce Legacy REST API access detected

WooCommerce Legacy REST API access detected. How to identify and fix.

Prepare yourselves for a significant update as WooCommerce gears up for version 9.0, scheduled for release in June 2024. A noteworthy adjustment is on the horizon: the removal of the Legacy REST API, which has been deprecated since 2016.

Hosting & Technical

Stop WordPress emails going to spam

Stop WordPress & WooCommerce Emails Going to Spam

Configure your WordPress/WooCommerce site and your domain name so that outgoing emails do not go to your customers spam folders.

How Do I Fix a Broken WordPress Website?

How Do I Fix a Broken WordPress Website?

In this article, we’ll explore common scenarios where a WordPress site may break and provide step-by-step fixes to resolve these issues. Whether it’s a white screen of death, plugin conflicts, theme problems, or server-related errors, we’ve got you covered.

Different types of WordPress Hosting, and what to look out for!

Different types of WordPress Hosting, and what to look out for!

Choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress website is an often overlooked part of the process. Get it right and you can enjoy multiple benefits, such as high page-speed loading times, rapid content delivery, top-level support, backups, and automatic updates. But get it wrong and it can be a nightmare!

Website caching graphic

Caching 101: A Beginners Guide to Website Caching

Website caching is a technique used by websites to reduce load times and improve performance. When you use your favourite website, the site loads much quicker than if you were to access it through your browser alone.

fast website

How to Make Your WordPress Website Super Fast with 3 Easy Tips!

Follow these three super simple tips if you want to make sure your new WordPress website is as fast as possible from the get-go!

WordPress Hacker

Three Ways to Prevent Your WordPress Getting Hacked

Because WordPress is everywhere, it’s a massive target for hackers, scammers and techno-miscreants. Protect your website by following some straightforward techniques.